Friday, July 30, 2010

e-world lagi...

musim baru untuk e-world kini kembali..season 6 suda tahun ini..aiseh..mcm crita series pla kan...

well,thun ini lagi terasa bznya..because sa telah dinaikkan pangkat ke setiausaha e-world 6...gaji x naik, tp bilangan surat yg mo ditaip naik....

mata suda penat roll2 atas bwh kiri kanan mengcheck surat2 dari ketua unit..belum cukup jari2 yg penat menaip surat, otak yg memerah ayat2 cinta mo kc msuk dlm surat n kaki yang melangkah mengejar timbalan dekan sst...luckily ada assistant sa, dette yg tlg buat part minit msyuarat...kalo x...pengsan katak sa..huhuhuhu...

teringat kisah 1st time join e-world...tme 2 sa 1st year..join jd ajk keselamatan e-world 4...dgn senior2 yg skrg suda jd super senior kmi...then 2nd time sa jd ajk publisiti utk e-world 5...then now e-world jd setiausaha la kunun...hehehe...mmg skrg trasa la kesibukan..sana sini tiap2 hari mesti ada topic e-world akan muncul either kicik ka..basal ka...penat tp this is wat we call exposure ...someday bila suda kerja,kita akan berterima kasih atas pengalaman ini...tia pcaya?tggu ja kmu..hehehe..

btw, org2 UMS..org2 Sabah...dtgla ramai2 ke PESTA KOMPUTER UMS E-WORLD 6 2010 pada 26hb,27hb & 28hb 2010, jam 9am hingga 8pm, bertempat di DEWAN CANSELOR, UMS..

detail selanjutnya akan sa kc kabar2 lg pasne k...
mata suda ngantuk...blakang suda sakit...jari suda penat..
mari tidur~~

Thursday, July 29, 2010


its been a long time i've searched what is happening to my happened to most of my family (even my big family..)..finally..i found this...

hey...i have..err...DERMATOGRAPHIA?

Dermatographia is a condition in which lightly scratching your skin causes raised, red lines where you've scratched. It's not serious, but it can be uncomfortable. In dermatographia, your skin cells are overly sensitive to minor injury, such as scratching or pressing on your skin. Signs and symptoms of dermatographia include redness, itching and swelling similar to hives.

In most cases, dermatographia symptoms go away in a short time without treatment. But if symptoms are severe or bothersome, your doctor may suggest taking antihistamines. Simple self-care measures also can help you manage dermatographia.

Other than raised red lines on your skin, dermatographia often causes no problems. In some people, however, scratching or rubbing the skin may cause uncomfortable irritation.

Signs and symptoms of dermatographia may include:

--> Raised red lines
--> Swelling
--> Inflammation
--> Hive-like welts
--> Itching
Simple things can trigger symptoms of dermatographia. For example, rubbing from your clothes or bedsheets may irritate your skin. Cold, heat, pressure, sunlight and emotion also can trigger dermatographia.

You may notice symptoms of dermatographia within a few minutes of your skin being rubbed or scratched. The symptoms may last 30 minutes to a couple of hours, but typically begin to diminish within 15 minutes after the irritation to your skin ends. Rarely, dermatographia develops slowly and lasts several hours to several days and causes burning and pain.

The condition itself can last for months or years.

When to see a doctor?
See your doctor if you have signs of dermatographia, such as skin redness and swelling, that recur frequently or don't go away on their own. If your symptoms are severe and very uncomfortable, you may need treatment. (luckily, mine still ok..i think...)

The exact cause of dermatographia isn't clear. It may be caused by an allergic response, yet no specific allergen has been identified.

Factors that may increase your risk of dermatographia include:

--> Age. Dermatographia can occur at any age, but it tends to be more common in young adults in their 20s and 30s.
--> Other skin conditions. If you have other skin conditions, such as dry skin or dermatitis, you may be more susceptible to dermatographia. Any skin condition that causes a frequent urge to scratch may increase your risk.
--> Allergies. If you have a history of allergies, you may be more prone to developing dermatographia. The same immune system response that causes other allergies may also cause dermatographia.
--> Heredity. As with other allergies, dermatographia may run in families. (i think this is how i got this thing...)

Dermatographia generally is harmless. It leaves no lasting marks and often causes only minor symptoms. (THANK GOD..)

BUT..somehow i also find sumthing interesting about this skin disease while i goole-ing for it....check it out... =)

Ariana suffers from dermatographia, a skin disorder that affects up to 5% of the population. But instead of hiding her skin disorder, which is what most people do, she has found a most unique way of dealing with it. She ‘paints’ with her dermatographia.
Dermatographia (‘writing on the skin’) causes any scratched or rubbed skin to become reddened and raised. It looks and feels a lot like hives. And just like hives, the redness, itchiness, and swelling disappears, usually within 30 minutes.
Instead of wishing these raised and reddened areas away, Ariana activitly encourages them with the blunt end of a knitting needle. Her skin as a canvas, she creates interesting designs and patterns.
Ariana, who has a MFA in Photography from the University of Washington, then photographs these artistic creations before they disappear. Some photographs become prints, others are enlarged and become wallpaper.
Talk about utilizing your resources and minimizing your outlay. There is no money spent on paint and the canvas is reusable. It’s ingenious, creative, and apparently selling well. In fact, some of her art has sold for nearly $4,500.

ermm..ble jg pla bt untung ne...hehehehe....
apa2 pun....thanks God....penyakit ini tidak membahayakan nyawa sa... =)

more info:

Friday, July 16, 2010

cerita d rumah time cuti~~

hi all...i juz updated my u can see..hahaha..simple one only n im still working on kc bekilat2 lg kalo ble..hohoho... sa (fyi:this is sabahan short word for saya a.k.a me) bru abis cuti..n starts my new sem here in UMS (im in my final year now!!yeah~~ XD)..looks like its been 2 years now..congratz 2 all my coursemate..we made it from being freshies(1st yera),sophomore(2nd year) n continue our junior year(3rd year)...hopefully ada yg akan jd senior nnt in FE.. (correct term for senior is 7th sem kita mc junior la...)

ok back 2 my story...balik ja ip(our hostel), trus sa kna ckp bulat..muahahaha..apa x..d rumah makan ja (saja) krja..dah xda mo (mau) bt kan..hehehe..syok ba d rumah kan?ble masak apa ja ko mo (kau mau), i sit at home..mostly d dapur..hahaha..bukan apa..jd chef ba sa d everything yg my family request..wah~~ nasib sa x minta gaji kan..hehehe..favret dorg kmu mo taw apa?ne la pun x taw pa nama dia yg btul2..jd sa kc nama gni ja la..Kari Ikan Asam ne i learn from my aunty..which i do some improvement la yg sa blajar from my mummy..well,this is how i cook my family's favret dish..

Bahan2 dia...

bawang merah, bawang putih, serai, halia, kunyit

ikan (of course la kan..)

bunga lawang, kulit kayu manis

air asam jawa

serbuk kari (tips:mix serbuk kari ikan n serbuk kari ayam..rasa kari akan lebih balance..x pcya cuba la..)


garam,gula n serbuk perasa (sa slalu guna ajinomoto..hehe)

smua bahan2 ne kuantiti dia kna tgk kuantiti ikan la k..pndai2 la main agak2..=)

1stly..tumbuk bawang merah, bawang putih, serai, halia n kunyit smpai jd mcm ne...kalo blender ble x best..hehehe...

2ndly..sdiakan kuah kari..cara dia...mix serbuk kari ke air asam jawa...oleh sebab nama kari ne ada asam pedas..lebihkan asam sikit..mixture dia msti pekat la..bru kick..sadap org sabah bilang...

3rdly..prepare santan...ble guna either fresh or packet pya...

4thly..start by heating some oil..n then goreng bunga lawang n kulit kayu manis..jan sampai hangus...dlm beberapa saat ja la...

then...masuk bahan2 yg kna tumbuk td 2...goreng smpai naik bau.. (tips:time tumis bawang ne, letak garam sikit dlm 3cubit this way, rasa bawang 2 akan keluar..masakan tmbah sedap.. -thanks to kylie kwong..rajin2 la tgk afc channel..hehehe..)

agak2 suda garing bahan2 td 2 (once again,jgn smpai hangus)..masuk mixture kari n asam jawa td 2...then goreng smpai dia pekat2 gni..tme ne wangi dia mmg fuh-yoo la...hehe..

then..dah garing2 gtu, tmbah air sket...jan byk..nnt cair kari 2...pas2 masuk garam, serbuk prasa n gula...secukup rasa..then santan...tggu mendidih jap..after that..rasa2 dlu manis,masin,asam,pedas dia...if mo ikut resipi ne, asam kena lebih sket ya..if x akan jd kari jg la...hahaha...kalo ada kurang, tmbah la smpai cukup rasa smua.. (tips: if terlalu pedas, tmbah gula smpai ngam..bukan tambah asam..pelik lidah kmu nnt...)

time ne kita dah siap masak kuah dia...rasa mmg plain sikit..sebab?hehehe..watak utama blm masuk..hehehe...x ble masuk ikan awal2..nnt pandai ilang 2 ikan 2...(hancur la..)..done the kuah bru masuk ikan...hehe..dah msuk.gaur plan2..then biar smpai mendidih sikit..jgn mendidih sgt..ilang ikan kmu nnt..

suda mendidih?ba, test lg..if ngam 1st stage kc rasa...time ne kari asam pedas suda fuh-yoo la...hehe..kalo x ngam tmbah la mana2 yg patut..kalo d rumah,ne la tukang rasa lil' bro..comment?tgk la gambar 2..muahahaha...

dah masak suda la 2...ble makan suda..hehehehe...

should be ne kari ada masam sikit n kuah yg pekat..ble makan dgn bread or roti canai..hahaha...if sa masak ne..kmu taw apa yg dulu habis?kuah dia la...kaw2 org family love this so much...kalo ble tiap2 minggu makan mana ble hri2 jg kan..kolestrol kna jaga2 beb..hehehe...

beside kari ikan asam pedas jg disuruh masak pudding..penuh icebox 2 oleh sa..

bah..thats all la for 2day..after this i'll post some more...if ada mo try recipe ne..feel free la k...hehehe..tata~~